MAGIC LASER™ Skin Spots Remover
MAGIC LASER™ Skin Spots Remover
MAGIC LASER™ Skin Spots Remover

MAGIC LASER™ Skin Spots Remover

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It is safe and no side effects. It can improve skin-related problems including red spotRosaceathread veinsoily skin and acne scars. It is suitable for sensitive and acne skin. Simply use it a day and you'll see dramatic results in just a few uses!

Clear your skin of pimples acne and spider veins, and prevent future blemishes and breakouts with the dermatologist-recommended Blue Light Therapy - Acne Laser Pen.


To get the best result:

  1. Clean your skin and apply essence or a mask
  2. Switch on the device and make sure the working indicator light is on. It will release blue LED light. The treatment head will slightly heat. After 1 minute, temperature will go up to 42 degree
  3. Put it directly on the spot that you want to remove for 4 - 5 minutes.
  4. Move the device slowly on face from inside to outside, from bottom to up.
  5. You'll see results in just a few uses.


        • Tightens loose skin, shrinks enlarged pores and kills bacteria
        • Dramatically reduces the visibility of acnes, scars, thread veins in just weeks 
        • Diminish inflammation and reduce pain.
        • Applicable on oily skin, severe skin allergyand red spots.
        • The powerful device combats against spider veins, and can even help those with Rosacea, post-operative bruising and age-related Purpura.
        • Use it anywhere on the body - face, nose, cheeks, and legs.
        • Simply use it a day and you'll see results in just a few uses.


        • Material: ABS
        • Size: 172mm x 65mm x 38mm
        • Power supply: 1 x AA battery(Not included in package)
        • Voltage: DC 1.5V
        • Current: 036A
        • Power: 9W


        • Acne Laser Pen x 1pc
        • User Manual x 1pc


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