HiBaby™️ Portable Baby Bed
HiBaby™️ Portable Baby Bed
HiBaby™️ Portable Baby Bed
HiBaby™️ Portable Baby Bed

HiBaby™️ Portable Baby Bed

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Its the end of the day, its time for your well deserved rest after looking after and running around till extortion for all your new born baby's needs. However every night like clock work your baby starts to cry endlessly straight away your head hits the pillow. You begin to remember how peaceful they was when they was protected in your womb. Don't you wish they could be that peaceful now? well finally they can. 

we at BLEAKICO™️ have come up with a unique product for all the hard working parents out their that deserve not only a full nights rest their selves but also a healthy all night rest for the little one. This parent saving product keeps your child in a safe position with it's anti-rolling shaped pillow, that imitates a infant's embryo period making them feel comfortable and allowing them to sleep well all night long.



The Portable Baby Bed is a super soft, cosy and ergonomically designed to help reassure your baby in the perfect positioning for a fantastic sleep. This keeps their neck, head and back in a close secure space and prevents them from spilling over into any awkward or bad positions that disrupt their sleep.

You can now rest assured both you and your baby have a better nights sleep!


  • Three adjustable sizes
  • Recommended and suitable for babies 0-12 months
  • Safe and comfortable for all infants
  • Prevents baby from spitting up liquids with patented design
  • Mimics the shape of a pregnant woman's uterus
  • Built in head-pillow to keep the baby's head stable, protect their cervical vertebrae
  • Gives your baby a safe and quiet place to sleep.
  • keeps your baby comfortable and safe. Suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Easy to use
  • Very portable and can be taken anywhere 
  • Great as a gift for baby showers and loved ones